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Aug. 27th, 2013

Rivaille With Cup



First, you will be updated with all the important info and stuff I have to say in this post! I will be updating this post now and then to let you all know if something is coming.

Second, DOUJINSHI I SHARE ARE NOT OWNED BY ME!!! NOR DID I TRANSLATE THEM!! I am simply sharing them!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS AND TRANSLATORS!! (Btw, if you like their work, please make sure to go and support them in pixiv(Authors/Artists) and Tumblr(Translators))

Third, the route summaries, drama CD translations, etc ARE done by me so I would appreciate it if people don't take them.

Fourth, I have all Lucky Dog 1 Drama CD tracks (I think) so feel free to request one to be translated.

Fifth, I do not know the original owners and translators of the Doujinshi I shared so I would appreciate your help if you know any of them. Just leave a comment that says who they are.

Sixth, Realize that most titles of Doujinshi were made up by me because I didn't know the real title

Seventh, Please if you have any pictures I can use to make (De)Motivational Posters and/or Short Picture Scripts, please send it to me and I will make them! Plus, it would be good if source is included.

Eighth, I will continue sharing Doujinshi but from now on I need to know the sources so it will take longer for me to find then post.

Ninth, Remember that if you want to view every journal entry I post, including all the things I share, you will need to befriend me and I will add you to the "Special Viewers" Group

Tenth, Continue checking my journal for updates and look at all my posts :D


Mar. 1st, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Requested Art: SnK School AU

Requested by: daisuchii
Characters: Levi x Eren
From: Shingeki no Kyojin

I tried to make Eren out of focus on purpose.

Feb. 24th, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Requested Art: White Day Special

Early White Day Post... I guess I'll wait until later to post it on pixiv...

Request by: zehira
Characters: Levi x Eren
From: Shingeki no Kyojin

Feb. 21st, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Requested Art: RaixKonoe

Requested by: philotes1087
Characters: Rai x Konoe
From: Lamento: Beyond the Void

(Once again, sorry for any detail mistakes..)

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Feb. 4th, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf


Please Read All The Way Through
I'm getting tired of telling you guys this...

To be added to the "Special Viewers" Group, You MUST ADD ME FIRST!!
Being added to this group will allow you to view ALL my posts, including the ones with the *.

Please DO NOT ask to be put on the list if you haven't added me first!

If you still have not added me but it says you are friends with me, this probably means I didn't add you into the "Special Viewers" Group but did just add you as a friend.

ALSO!! If you added me as a friend and you DO NOT send me a message, it will take a LONG time for me to add you to the group because I have to manually go check who had added me.

(It sometimes doesn't send me notification telling me who added me)
So it is CRUCIAL that you send me a message.
If you added me and I haven't added you back, and you didn't send a message, SEND IT NOW!

Please add me ASAP!

shingekinobutts (Add me)
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Jan. 15th, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Shingeki no Kyojin Art: Cuties!

Newest art by me!
I thought I would draw RiRen not in their usual uniforms for a change :D
For zehira-san! Arigatō!

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Jan. 12th, 2014

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Intro

So yeah! I've been into this for a while and decided to go ahead and share some stuff.
As usual, I have my favorite pairings in the series. My top is RinHaru as you will notice by how every Free! thing I share will have Rin and Haru in it. ;)
I definitely only ship Rin as seme and Haru as uke. But there are really cute HaruRin stories out there so I might share a few.
I also love MakoHaru, but not as much as RinHaru. Actually (as usual), I ship any pairing as long as Haru is uke. Lol ^p^
But RinHaru is my otp for this series.

For those who don't know the series: Free! Is actually originally a novel about kids who like to swim. A new kid comes and they all swim in a relay race and win. They have struggles here and there, and come to bond with one know, the typical stuff.
Then there is an anime which is a continuation of the novel. So the kids grew up. Also have stuggles, stuggles with friendship... Haru, the main character, is in love with water (to the point that he would strip and jump into any "pool" of water he sees, no matter how small). Rin, the used to be happy guy, grew distant (has the typical attitude problem all second guys have...haha) because he went abroad to swim but wasn't getting better and people around him was so much better and when he thought he got better, he lost to Haru after coming back to race him. He cries and Haru felt bad so Haru stopped competitive swimming. So the anime is about Haru coming back into competitive swimming and trying to patch things up with Rin. And blah blah blah.

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Dec. 30th, 2013

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf


This will be just a very short ramble... haha

I didn't go on livejournal for a bit and then today I decide to go check and wow were there a lot of messages!!!
Of course, this is a good thing! I love messages from you all!
All the comments are great!
And thank you everyone for saying happy birthday! I'm so happy!!!
Sorry I hadn't added people who added me sooner! I was a bit busy. But I have caught up now and added everyone that had added me! :) Hurray!
And so, that's it...I think..
Thanks everyone again!

Dec. 25th, 2013

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wasn't going to draw anything but decided why not since it's Christmas.... (I decided like a few mins
Before the day is over, I needed to here is a quick drawing! Haha... Sorry it's so messy...

Those of you who don't know, this is Ivan Fiore from the game Lucky Dog 1 (The one in my current profile picture).

Translation (Order from top to bottom):
Ivan: is... What is it.. It's Christmas right? *
Gian: So what?
Ivan: S..So! Umm..uhh.. FUCK! SHIT! FUCK!
Gian: Ahh.. Merry Christmas, Ivan.
Ivan: Me..Merry Christmas.

*The "What is it.." Is said more for like a "Umm..." Ivan is embarrassed so he is stuttering a lot.

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Dec. 18th, 2013

Ivan and Gian sharing scarf

Art by Arciel Freeder: IvanxGian

A super cute IvanxGian art by Arciel Freeder!!
Given to me as a gift! I feel so honored! It's way too cute! Never can have enough IvanGian!! ^p^
Lovable couple!
Thank you Arciel!! <3

(Title: "Steal A Morning Kiss")

Too cute for words!

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Go check out other art by Arciel!!

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